Short People Are More Violent Than Tall People, New Research Finds

600 men of the ages 18 to 50 were recently asked about the perception of male gender along with self-image and behavior following drug taking, crime, and violence by researchers at the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta. The results of the study revealed men, who feel the least masculine, generally smaller men, are more likely to go on to commit criminal or violent acts.

Male Discrepancy Stress Could Lead to Violent Assaults
The men believing themselves to not be as masculine, a condition which is given the title of “male discrepancy stress” were around three times more likely than men who felt they were masculine, to commit violent assaults using weapons, which led to others being injured. This is in line with what a team of researchers from Oxford University found some years back when they suggested the “Short Man Syndrome” is a real thing. The researchers said reducing the height of a person increases their sense of being vulnerable, which in turn raises levels of paranoia, which is also known as the “Napoleon Complex”.

Men’s Height Is Something of a Taboo Topic in Today’s World
Today height for men has become important due to modern society being more body focused, this applies to both genders. Height is now a topic that is taboo among many men. Of course, the results of the study might not be entirely accurate as too small a test group may have been used to accurately be able to describe the tendencies of a person solely based on height. Men who are smaller in height might feel as though they have something to prove in regards to being aggressive.

Napoleon was actually thought of as being small in height, but in actual fact, he was 5 feet 7 inches, which is around the average height of men in our time. If taking the Napoleon Complex into account it suggests that men under the height of 5 feet 7 inches are classed as being small.
Many Smaller Men Have Become Rich and Successful
Short Men Syndrome may or may not be a real thing as the facts along with studies seem to suggest. For instance, it was said that taller men are smarter, they are more likely to be offered more promotions, make more money and women are more attracted to taller men. However, when looking at the likes of actors Tom Cruise, Elijah Wood, and Michael J. Fox, this debunks that theory as they are all rich and famous, being swooned over by women the world over.

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