Customer Shares Video Of Living Maggots Inside McDonald Ketchup Dispenser

If the burger patties at McDonald’s don’t have enough protein in them, they now have a little bit more if you add ketchup as one customer found out recently. She wanted ketchup on her burger and fries but got more than what she bargained for when maggots came out of the dispenser.

Maggots Were Filmed Inside the Ketchup Dispenser
Customer Bella Ritchie caught the maggots on film when she went onto the Cambridge branch of McDonald’s and was shocked to find that maggots were inside the ketchup dispenser she was using.

According to Fox News, the customer said that the maggots were alive and well, wriggling around in the ketchup dispenser. Ritchie said she would never eat at McDonald’s again. According to Ritchie, she called one of the assistants over to tell them about the maggots in the ketchup, but the assistant ignored her and continued to serve customers.

Ritchie posted the video online on social media to show others what McDonald’s was serving up as extras with the ketchup.

Spokesperson Said Dispensers Are Checked and Cleaned Every Morning
A spokesperson for McDonald’s did make a comment about the incident saying there were very sorry that the customer had found maggots inside the ketchup dispenser. They said the dispensers along with other condiments should be checked each morning along with being cleaned and an investigation was underway to find out what happened at that branch.

Of course, who knows how many customers had opened up their burger bun to add more ketchup onto their burger without realizing there were maggots inside. It is cringe-worthy to think that customers might have used the ketchup dispenser.

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