After 41 Years, NASA’s Voyager 2 Is Close To Enter Interstellar Space

No one can hear you scream in space but Voyager 1 changed that and here comes Voyager 2.

Once Voyager 2 exits the outermost layer of the heliosphere, it will become the second human-made object, after Voyager 1, to enter interstellar space.

This video is a stunning presentation concerning Voyager 2’s close proximity to leaving our solar system’s Heliopause to enter “Interstellar space.” Voyager 1 reached Interstellar space a couple of years ago with Voyager 2 slated to reach a similar “exit point” very soon.

There was a very interesting discussion back in 2014 when someone at NASA “leaked” info about Voyager 1’s detection of a “WAVE” of energy that was concerning. This sparked several spin-off theories that there was some kind of “COSMIC WAVE” about to reach Earth and give human beings an “upgrade” in their DNA.

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